Wooly Stemodia Texas

Last Updated on June 16th, 2023

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The Wooly Stemodia is a beautiful, low-maintenance plant that offers subtle silver, purple, and green ground-covering foliage. It is a delight to fit into any landscape in a private or public setting.

Let’s discuss everything you’ll need to know when adding this addition to your next gardening project, including if the plant is native, deer resistant when to plant it, and so much more. Let’s get started.

Is it a Native Plant?

There are currently over 3 thousand plants that are native to Texas that have been discovered to date, and the Wooly Stemodia is one of them. However, while the Wooly Stemodia is native to Texas, it’s not native to Texas as a whole.

The plant is native exclusively to southern and coastal regions of Texas and northern Mexico. So if you are located in the native areas of the plant, it’s likely to be a good choice for your garden – for it will thrive the best.


Is it Deer Resistant?

While it seems that deer will feast on anything and everything in sight in your beautiful garden, there are a few plants they will tend to avoid. These plants include those that have strong fragrances, as well as those with an unpleasant texture.

The Wooly Stemodia’s foliage has a light silver fuzz covering the plant; thanks to this characteristic, it protects the plant from predators like deer. The perfect deer-resistant plant can offer the perfect final touch to any landscape.


When Should You Plant It?

The Wooly Stemodia is a perennial that comes into season in the spring and summer. Therefore, the plant requires pruning before it dies down in the Winter. With this being said, it would be best to plant the Wooly Stemodia early to mid-spring.

Planting the Wooly Stemodia in the summer is also acceptable. However, it would not be ideal for planting it in any other season. This is because the Wooly Stemodia is a perennial and might stunt development.


How to Pick the Best Spot for Planting it

While the Wooly Stemodia is not too high-maintenance, it still needs to be planted in the perfect spot. Find a location where the plant will receive full sun with partial shade. The plant also needs a decent amount of room because it spreads outward.

Suppose you are not interested in planting the Wooly Stemodia out in the open. In that case, it’s perfectly acceptable to grow it in a container or tower it over a rock garden for the perfect finish to any landscaping project.


How do You Grow It?

Provide the Wooly Stemodia with lower amounts of water, for this plant is an expert at handling droughts and other conditions that occur commonly in Texas. Providing the plant with the perfect amount of light will also allow it to grow.

Be sure to know when to prune the plant for the winter in order to improve growth in the following seasons of spring and summer. This may vary from year to year, for climate conditions are ever-changing.


Final Thoughts on the Wooly Stemodia

The Wooly Stemodia is native to the southern and coastal regions of Texas and northern Mexico. This perennial deer-resistant plant is perfect for landscaping, containers, and rock gardens. It should be planted in the spring or summer for the best results.

The Wooly Stemodia is best when planted in a space with full sun or a partial amount of shade. The plant needs lots of space, for it will spread outwards over time. To grow it, be sure not to overwater it and prune it before transitioning from summer to fall or fall to winter.

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