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Last Updated on June 16th, 2023

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The bat face cuphea plant (Cuphea llavea) is a flowering plant that features explosive blooms of bright red, orange, and purple. The unique part of the plant, however, is its flowers that very closely resemble a bat’s face!

The best place to purchase a bat face cuphea plant is to find an established plant at a local nursery. However, if you can’t find one locally, you can purchase seeds for the bat face cuphea online.

Close up of Bat face Cuphea - Where to Buy them

What is the Average Price for Bat Face Cuphea?

Depending on the size of the plant you purchase, you can expect to spend anywhere between $10 – $50 on your bat face cuphea. Of course, the smaller the plant, the cheaper the cost will be, so keep that in mind while shopping.

If that seems too pricey, the cheapest alternative would be to order seeds and grow them yourself from the beginning. While this may seem like more work, it is very rewarding to grow a beautiful plant (such as the bat face cuphea) from seed!


How Much of It Should You Buy?

When searching for the next colorful addition to your garden, it can be hard to determine how many plants will be needed to fill the empty space.

Depending on your climate, you can expect a bat face cuphea to reach a mature height of 18 to 24 inches and an average width of about 15 inches. These dimensions should be kept in mind when planting smaller plants to avoid overcrowding.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the bat face cuphea attracts hummingbirds and also butterflies, so be sure to plant them in places where you would like to see these little critters on a regular basis!


Is Bat Face Cuphea a Resilient Plant?

The bat face cuphea is a great option if you’re looking for something heat tolerant; being native to Mexico, these plants thrive in hot climates. Also, being native to the arid climates of the southwest, bat face cuphea is very drought tolerant as well.

While they can withstand heat and drought with no hiccups, you may have some problems if you live in a cooler part of the country. While they can be grown as annuals in most climates, they cannot withstand temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, if you live in a cooler climate and want to have a bat face cuphea year round, they can be brought indoors as a houseplant through the winter months.


How Do You Take Care of it?

So, we’ve covered everything you need to know about purchasing and choosing the right places to plant your bat face cuphea. Now, all you need to know is how to properly care for your new plant.

  1. Soil type – The bat face cuphea prefers a well-draining soil that mimics the sandy soil it is native to.
  2. Sun exposure – While you should plant bat face cuphea in full sun in cooler climates, partial to full shade is recommended for the hottest climates.
  3. Watering – If you’ve planted it in well-draining soil, the bat face cuphea will thrive with regular watering. However, if planted in compacted clay soils, you must be diligent with watering to avoid root rot.


Is This Plant Worth Buying? 

If you’ve read all this and are still on the fence about whether the bat face cuphea is the right plant for your garden, there may be more things to consider.

  1. Your Climate – If you live in a relatively cool part of the country, your garden may have better options than the bat face cuphea since it thrives in hot weather.
  2. Soil Type – If you live in a place with compacted clay soil, the bat face cuphea may not be the best plant for your garden, given it prefers well-draining soil.


If you’ve considered all of the above and think the bat face cuphea is the right plant for your garden, then you have a colorful surprise coming your way next spring!


Final Thoughts on Buying Bat Face Cuphea

The bat face cuphea is a wonderfully unique plant that could beautifully complement many gardens. If you consider your climate and soil type, it is a very low-maintenance plant that is a real eye-catcher!

To reiterate, the best way to purchase a bat face cuphea is from a local nursery as a small (or large) plant and then transplant it to your desired location. If you can’t find one locally, you can order seeds online and grow your own bat face cuphea from seed.

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