Where Should I Plant My Pride Of Barbados?

Last Updated on June 16th, 2023

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Bright and sunny environments are ideal for the growth of Pride of Barbados. Flowering plants can thrive in partial shade during the middle of the day, but full light is best. A plant that is able to survive drought will perish if its roots become waterlogged.

Woman with pride of Barbados plants - Where Should I Plant them?

How to Pick the Perfect Location?

Plants of this sort do far better when they are exposed to direct sunlight rather than diffused light. Flowers from the Pride of Barbados plant require complete light exposure in order to reach their maximum potential for flowering. 

In addition, once Pride of Barbados has taken root, it is hard enough to survive in arid environments.


What are the Best Spots?

The warmest, sunniest spot in your yard would be ideal for this plant because it thrives in high temperatures and lots of sunlight. 

As a big shrub, it can be grown in zones 10 and 11, as a die-back shrub in zone 9, and as a perennial in the warmest protected areas in zone 8B. 

A loose, airy mulch should be applied around their stems in the coldest parts of its range (8B-9) to keep them alive during the harsh winter.


What Type of Soil Do You Need?

Pride of Barbados thrives in neutral to acidic, well-drained soils and requires very little care from the gardener. 

The life span of this plant is short, but it grows quickly. Tolerates saline environments to a lesser extent than some. Pride of Barbados flowers respond well to pruning and can be trained to take on either a tree or bushy, shrubby form.


What if You Plant it in Shades?

Although the Pride of Barbados is capable of thriving in shaded areas, it can only reach its full potential growth in sunny environments.

Sunlight for at least six to eight hours a day is required for Pride of Barbados plants. Although they may survive with as little as two hours of daylight per day, they thrive and bloom more freely in bright light. 

Plants grown in containers need the same amount of sunlight as those planted in the ground. If you must bring your container plant inside for the winter, make sure it is located in a bright area near a window.


Places You’re Not Supposed to Plant it

The Pride of Barbados is a plant for sunny and warm environments. Therefore, you should not plant them in areas where they are not going to get enough direct sunlight or in a place with mostly cold temperatures.

A plant like this one is not going to thrive in cold and dark conditions. So always make sure that the Pride of Barbados has access to sunlight for two hours a day at a bare minimum.


Final Thoughts on Where Should I Plant My Pride Of Barbados

The Pride of Barbados increases growing potential when in direct sunlight. It requires up to eight hours of sun a day. However, it can survive with as little as two hours of sunlight a day.

They grow best in neutral to acidic, well-drained soils. But you should avoid planting them in spots that won’t get a lot of sunlight. The plant will also struggle to grow in cold conditions.

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