Where Is Evergreen Sumac Found?

Last Updated on June 16th, 2023

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The Edwards Plateau and Trans-Pecos are home to a variety of evergreen sumac that thrives in arid conditions between 2,000 and 7,500 feet in elevation. Also, it’s a native plant of New Mexico and Mexico.

Is it Native to the US?

Evergreen Sumac can be found growing in its natural habitat at elevations ranging from 2,000 to 7,500 feet in the southeastern part of Arizona, the southwestern part of New Mexico, and the central part of Texas.


Where Else Can You Find it?

As well as some locations in North America such as central Texas, west Arizona, and New Mexico, the Evergreen Sumac (also known as the Tobacco Sumac) can be found growing in northern areas of Mexico such as Oaxaca.


Where Does it Grow Best?

Evergreen sumac, which grows native to rocky hillsides with almost no soil, does exceptionally well in regions that have a small bit of heavy clay. After it has become established, it needs very little extra watering and should not be fertilized.


What Plant does Sumac Come From?

The small blooming tree known as sumac can be found in its natural habitat throughout a significant portion of the Mediterranean region, as well as Western Asia and the Arabian peninsula. Rhus coriaria is the only sumac used to make the sumac spice that we prefer.


Can You Plant Evergreen Sumac Anywhere?

Since evergreen sumac grows best on dry hillsides, you’ll need to ensure adequate drainage. Additionally, the rocky ground shouldn’t be an issue.

Test it out in a spot with a gentle slope or terrace to help with water drainage from the heavy rains we get occasionally. You can plant it in the dead of winter as long as you remember to give it a good soaking once every two weeks throughout its first summer.

The height and spread of evergreen sumac typically range from 8 to 12 feet. It can be kept in a loose, shrubby shape or trained into a tree to show off its gray, scaly bark. Keep in mind that it grows slowly, so if you need results quickly, either get a larger plant or be patient.


Final Thoughts on Where Is Evergreen Sumac Found

Growing on rocky hillsides of up to 7,500 feet of elevation, the Evergreen Sumac is a North American native plant that originates from the Sumac plant that is found in the Mediterranean region and West Asia. 

The rocky ground isn’t a problem for this plant. As long as you have proper drainage for the Evergreen Sumac, it should thrive in even harsh conditions. However, a spot with a gentle slope would be ideal for this plant to imitate its natural habitat of the rocky hillsides.

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