What Should You Name Your Community Garden?

Last Updated on June 16th, 2023

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There are so many reasons to give a noun a name, the way a mountain looks influenced the French when naming the Tetons or calling the great Mississippi river by the cultures that populated the region before the settlers came.

Even neighborhoods get named after the people who influenced the area’s development, which they apply to their community gardens.

As for what to name your garden, there are going to be different ways to approach this; think about the people that will be using these plots, the natural features native to the area, and maybe even watch the local wildlife and see which animals frequent the area.

Woman working in a garden - What Should You Name Your Community Garden?

How Should you Pick a Name?

This is going to be a fun process, even made into a neighborhood competition that everyone in the community can participate in, but it can take some time to find a suitable name.

As briefly touched upon, there are going to be certain elements that stick out in your area. Even if it is a junkyard, go with Junkyard Gardens.

Take in the surroundings. What buildings or schools are within view? Are there any mountain ranges, waterways, wildlife, or art influences that can be touched upon for inspiration?

These are just some thoughts that will help drive brainstorming or get the conversation started.


Should the Whole Community Decide?

This is overwhelming. Yes, there is going to be a need for a democratic process in which to get the neighborhoods’ opinions on what the garden should be called. Some might be silly, but even children can come up with the best out-of-nowhere idea that is just brilliant.

The process of selecting a name will need to involve a vote or competition, which involves everyone or at least every family to a degree.

Regarding who participates on a smaller scale, the members who are the initial people to help coordinate, design, and build the plots should have the first say; but a renaming process can be voted on.


Popular Names for Community Gardens

The most popular theme that comes with community gardens and the process of naming them will be using the local or surrounding neighborhood name or famous place to be the name for the local garden.

For example, near the Holbrook farms in Connecticut, a local community grows its own food to be sold at the Farmer’s market.

This little neighborhood has a nice symbiotic relationship that works cohesively in providing fresh produce for every member and selling off the excess.

Other popular names include the Fenway Victory Gardens in Boston, Massachusetts, and arguably the most prolific garden in the United States, Shiloh Field Community Garden in Denton, Texas.


How to Make a Decision?

There will be many processes to go through to select a solid and suitable name for a place, even with a community garden.

Suppose a person just worked harder than anyone else on the project. In that case, we are talking about financial sourcing and funding projects, physical groundwork, and administrative leg work.

The person’s name could be incorporated into the garden’s name, finishing with community gardens. Think about the neighbors and members of the garden community, take suggestions, and even vote to get a variety of ideas for consideration.


Should You Name it After a Person?

When you take a person’s name into consideration, there must be a second to reflect on why and ask yourself some questions. Such as, has this person worked particularly hard on the project, how have they contributed to the community, and what have they contributed?

Then you have to think about any community members that have changed the neighborhood for the better, any famous athletes or entertainers from the area or grew up there.

These are just some thoughts to consider when deciding if a person should be the name for the community’s garden.


Final Thoughts on What should I name my Community Garden

The process of naming something will be long, but it also can be made into something fun. Take the time to look around, see what is special or unique about the area, walk around the area and see the people and the life surrounding the garden.

Is there going to be plant life native to only this area? Is there wildlife that can only survive in this type of habitat?

These and other questions will provide insight into what will stick as far as names go. The best part about these types of projects is the flexibility that comes with the name.

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