What Month Do Leaves Grow Back In Spring?

Last Updated on June 16th, 2023

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The transition from winter to spring signals the start of fresh growth for the bare, frost-covered limbs. Buds will begin to appear on ash, beech, oak, and rowan trees in March. Leaves of alder, field maple, and silver birch appear first.

Green new leaves - what month do they grow back in spring?

What Month do Trees Get Leaves?

It depends on the tree and the location. But some trees start to grow back their leaves as early as March, yet some don’t begin to wake up from their dormant state to grow leaves again until early May.


Which Trees Grow Back Their Leaves the Fastest?

Ash, Beech, and Oak are typically the first trees to begin to grow back their leaves as they wake up from their winter slumber in March. It doesn’t take much time at all for the leaves to bloom once they begin growing again.


Do Trees from Warm Areas Grow Back Leaves Sooner?

Yes. The trees that are indigenous to the warmer regions are suited to the mild weather and do not go into hibernation for long. Midway through March is an early blooming time for trees in this area.


What Temperature do Leaves Grow Back to?

To make the change from winter to spring, trees respond to an increase in temperature by producing new leaves and blooms. 

Scientists say soil temperature is one way plants may tell when a new season has arrived. Many professionals agree that temperatures between 40 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal.


What Else Triggers Leave to Grow Back?

Two cues signal the arrival of spring to trees. In the first instance, they react to the return of relatively warm weather after an extended period of winter chill. 

Secondly, they respond to a shift in the duration of light, which encourages growth and development throughout the spring and summer when there are fewer cloudy days and more hours of sunlight.


Final Thoughts on What Month Do Leaves Grow Back In Spring

So, leaves typically start to grow back on trees as early as March but can remain dormant until May. It depends on the tree type and climate it is used to in its area. 

The trees most likely to grow leaves sooner rather than later are the ones more adapted to warmer climates, as they don’t remain dormant for long. 

Other trees that begin to grow leaves in the earlier months are the Ash, Beech, and Oak trees.

Trees know when it’s time for spring when they detect that the nights are getting shorter and there is more daylight. They can also feel the temperature of the soil begin to rise as it gets more daylight.

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