What Is CarbonX Fertilizer?

Last Updated on June 16th, 2023

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CARBON-X Lawn Fertilizer is a low-impact, high-performance lawn and ornamental fertilizer that is the product of a patented technique developed by Carbon Earth Co. for the delayed release of organic and synthetic nutrients. 

This process is mixed with charcoal to produce the final product.

Person putting fertilizers - What Is CarbonX Fertilizer?

What is it For?

The fertility of the soil can be improved with the use of Carbon-X. Greene County Fertilizer Company’s Root Growth Stimulator (RGS) is a vital ingredient that complements carbon’s effects on plant growth. 

The company makes RGS. The composition of Carbon-X includes a significant amount of nitrogen, potassium, and iron in its build.


Who Makes CarbonX Fertilizer?

Greene County Fertilizer Company produces and distributes bio-based fertilizers, private-label fertilizer products, custom blends, and bio-based soil amendments for use in lawn and garden, turf care, and agricultural goods.


How Often Should You Apply it?

The same guideline applies to the frequency with which you should apply CarbonX fertilizer as it would to the application of any other kind of fertilizer. Your lawn and garden should receive an application of CarbonX once every four to six weeks. 

Always exercise extreme caution when applying too much fertilizer to your lawn or garden because doing so might be detrimental to their health.


Where Can You Buy it?

CarbonX is sold in garden centers and can also be purchased online, where customers can have the product delivered right to their front door. In addition, online retailers such as Amazon carry the CarbonX fertilizer in their inventory.


How Much Does it Cost?

Depending on the number of pounds in the bag and the composition of the fertilizer’s nutrients, the price of a bag of lawn fertilizer could range anywhere from $6 to $26. The total area of the lawn determines the required quantity.


Final Thoughts on What Is CarbonX Fertilizer

Greene County Fertilizer Company produced CarbonX fertilizer as a bio-based fertilizer. It is used to fertilize the soil on your lawn/garden as a root growth stimulator. 

As with any fertilizer, it should be applied every 4-6 weeks. However, take care not to overdo it with fertilizer, as the chemicals in fertilizer can damage your lawn/garden.

The most convenient way to purchase CarbonX and get it delivered directly to your door is to go online to sites such as Amazon. Fertilizers can range in cost, so you’re looking at $6-$26. CarbonX is most likely to be on the higher side of that range.

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