Your Guide To Successfully Growing Turk’s Cap Seeds

Last Updated on June 16th, 2023

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According to the Native Plant Society of Texas, Turk’s cap is not only a vibrant red/orange colored flower but also a food source for many birds and is also known to attract butterflies. 

The name ‘Turk’s cap’ is derived from resembling a Turkish Fez, a hat that symbolizes affiliation with religious groups.

The plant produces seed pods that cold a plethora of seeds in the autumn and is native to the eastern and central regions of North America. 

So how can we grow these beautiful plants from seed? What time of year is best for propagation? And where? Let’s talk about everything you need to know about Turk’s Cap from seed form.

Yellow Turk's Cap flower - Your Guide To Successfully Growing Turk’s Cap Seeds

How can you grow a Turk’s cap from seed?

Turk’s Cap can grow in any soil condition. However, it’s best to layer its soil with 2-3 inches of compost to assist the plant in fertility. After the plant has grown around 6 inches tall, cover the surrounds of the plant in natural mulch to help with water conservation. 

The watering schedule should be at least once a week during the days that are seemingly drier than others.


When should you start growing a Turk’s cap from seed?

Like many other plants, it’s important to start growing Turk’s Cap in the springtime, after any possibility of a frost has passed. Not only will the seeds fail to germinate in the cold, but the plant itself will not survive. 

The same goes for planting these in the late fall when the soil is too cold for germination. However, it is said that once the plant has matured, it can tolerate the cold more than it would during germination. 


What are the details to pay attention to when growing a Turk’s Cap from seed?

As we said before, Turk’s Cap is a food source for many birds in your area. If you want to keep the fruit to save seeds for next year, you’ll have to pay close attention to their development over time in order to get to the fruits that hold the seeds before the birds do.

However, if you are a busy or forgetful person, there is an alternative way to protect these plants from birds. Simply place bird nets over the Turk’s Cap in order to shield it from any birds that might want to begin grazing on the plant. 


Where should you grow a Turk’s Cap from seed?

Plant Turk’s Cap in an area that receives full sun throughout the day and also some shade in the evenings. It’s considered to be ideal for outdoor landscaping, especially for those who have included natural mulch in their landscaping plans. 


How long does it take for Turk’s Cap to grow out of seed?

Depending on the soil circumstances and how well the plant is cared for during all stages of life, Turk’s Cap would grow in around 60 days. It could take more or less time, but this is the approximate time Turk’s Cap takes to grow. 

Knowing this will be helpful for preplanning when you begin the germination process. 


Final thoughts on Turk’s Cap seed

Plant Turk’s Cap in quality soil with a top layer of compost. After the plant has grown around 6 inches tall, add natural mulch around the area to conserve water. 

Water the plant once a week as it gets older, especially on drier days. Many will plant Turk’s cap in the springtime after the last frost of the season or in the late fall before the weather begins to get too cold. 

Pay attention to the fruit growth of the plant. If you want to keep those for yourself, you need to get to them before your birds forage the plant. 

The best area you could consider for Turk’s Cap is in direct sunlight, but also an area that receives more shade later in the day. Growth could take around 60 days, which is why it’s important to preplan the germination process.


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