Is Baltic Blue And Cebu Blue The Same Plant?

Last Updated on June 16th, 2023

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The Baltic Blue pothos is technically its own species, despite its obvious similarities to the Cebu Blue pothos. 

The leaves of the Baltic Blue tend to be darker than those of other types, and they fenestrate sooner in the growing season. However, the Cebu Blue variety is easily identifiable by the iridescent, blue-tinged leaves it produces.

A baltic blue plant in front of a white wall - Is Baltic Blue And Cebu Blue The Same Plant?

Do They Have the Same Origin?

The Blue Philodendron, or Epipremnum pinnatum ‘Cebu Blue’, is a fascinating and unusual plant. 

Specifically, this plant belongs to the Araceae family and is classified as an aroid. Its native habitat was Cebu Island in the Philippines, but today you may find this plant all throughout Asia and Central and South America.

In 2022, Costa Farms made the exciting discovery of a new cultivar of pothos known as Baltic Blue. The mutation of the Epipremnum pinnatum, in which previously dark green leaves began to turn blue, is blamed.


What are the Differences?

They’re both pothos plants, which explains a lot about their shared characteristics. However, there are some differences between the two plants.

The leaves of Cebu Blue plants are noticeably scaly or rough. However, the combination with the silver shine is stunning. In contrast, Baltic Blue’s leaves are smoother.

These two plants are capable of fenestration (split). On the other hand, Cebu Blue must be ascending and exposed to direct sunlight to fenestrate, making this a challenging plant.

But Baltic Blue can fenestrate frequently and without difficulty, even on tender, newly emerged leaves. Baltic Blue has substantially larger leaves than Cebu Blue.

Trailing or climbing, these plants are versatile. Cebu blue, on the other hand, quickly becomes long and trailing, whilst Baltic blue tends to grow in a mound.


Which One is More Popular?

Due to the differences, it is clear why Baltic Blue is the more popular choice. It is a lot easier to care for than the Cebu Blue, making it a preferred choice.

Their beauty is also an important factor in why the Baltic Blue has gained more popularity over the Cebu Blue. Both plants are very pretty, but when it comes down to plant care, the easier Baltic Blue is the better option.


Which One Costs More?

The Baltic Blue can cost up to $50. At the same time, Cebu Blue can cost anything from $15 to $75.

Of course, this depends on the website and other various factors. However, it appears that the Baltic Blue cost the most. This may be due to the fact that this plant has only recently been discovered. 


Which One Grows Bigger?

Compared to Cebu Blue, Baltic Blue has noticeably larger leaves. Due to the fact that it requires very little attention while it is growing, it has the potential to get much larger than Cebu Blue.


Final Thoughts on Is Baltic Blue And Cebu Blue The Same Plant

Although part of the same plant family, the Baltic Blue and the Cebu Blue are different plants. 

Baltic Blue is a popular choice as it is a newly discovered plant that requires minimal care and can grow larger and easier than the Cebu Blue. Although, due to this, it may cost more.

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