How Long Does It Take Pride Of Barbados To Bloom?

Last Updated on June 16th, 2023

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The Pride of Barbados is a green shrub with beautiful red, yellow, and orange sunset-colored flowers that bloom. The origin of the plant is unknown. However, it is known that this plant thrives in warmer climates, especially during its blooming period.

What exactly does the climate need to look like for Pride of Barbados? Any tips or tricks that will help its blooming process happen faster?

How can you protect it, and can you keep this beautiful bloom longer? Let’s discuss everything you need to know about the Pride of Barbados.

Barbados - How Long Does It Take To Bloom?

Does it Depend on the Climate?

The climate in which the Pride of Barbados resides is significant. This is because the Pride of Barbados thrives in warmer climates. Therefore, it will not begin to bloom until the warmer temperatures set in.

While the plant thrives and blooms in warmer weather, it also tolerates cooler temperatures. As low as 18 degrees F, to be exact, these lower temperatures do not pose a threat to the future growth of the plant.


Can some Spots Make it Grow Faster?

In some regions, the Pride of Barbados may thrive more than others. It’s ideal for planting this shrub in a spot with full sun. The plant can tolerate shade in the late evenings. However, blooming occurs best in direct sunlight.

Ideally, some spots can make the Pride of Barbados grow faster and bloom faster. However, while the plant tolerates part shade, it will not thrive in a fully shaded location.


Tricks that Can Help it Bloom Faster

There are three things you can do if you are looking to speed up the blooming of the Pride of Barbados. The first two things are ideal and essential: ensure the plant is watered regularly and receives full sunlight. Increase watering during droughts or scorching days.

The second thing you could do in order to assist the plant in a faster bloom would be to utilize a fertilizer specific to the blooming of flowering plants. Many recommend a liquid fertilizer with part water during your watering process.


How to Protect the Plant before Blooming?

Occasionally, depending on the plant’s region, it may need to be shielded from harsh freezes. This can be done using materials like linens or cardboard, and it’s worth choosing a lighter material that can allow the plant to continue receiving partial light.

You should also protect the plant before it blooms by ensuring that you are not over-watering it. The Pride of Barbados is deer resistant, so you will not have to worry about protecting it from any ‘predators’ like so.


Can you Keep the Bloom for a Longer Time?

There are two different options when it comes to prolonging the Pride of Barbados’s bloom and preserving its flower. First, the plant will bloom faster for a more extended period if it is planted in direct sunlight.

However, if you are looking into preservation methods of the flower, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Once the plant has bloomed, take a cutting of the section you are looking to preserve.
  2. Place the cutting between two flat, heavy surfaces. Ex. An encyclopedia, two heavy pieces of wood, etc.
  3. Allow the preservation process to take place. Allow the cutting to dry out and take form during its compression process.
  4. Once it’s dried and taken its form, you can frame it to enjoy its beauty all year long.


Final Thoughts on the Blooming of Pride of Barbados

The Pride of Barbados is known to have a fast bloom once the plant itself has matured. However, the time it takes for the blooming to occur dramatically depends on the climate and location of the plant. A full sun-own garden is ideal for the best blooming results.

Ensure you are watering the plant just enough but not overwatering it. Consider liquid fertilizer that’s tailored to assist flowering plants in blooming their best. While the plant is deer resistant, it will not need too much extra protection.

Consider plant preservation for the bloomings of the Pride of Barbados if the plant is not already located in a place with full sun. Full sun will assist in keeping the bloom lasting longer. However, you can prolong the bloom with a simple plant preservation process.

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