How Can You Tell How Old A Lawnmower Is

Last Updated on June 16th, 2023

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Lawnmowers are among the best tools for keeping your grass looking great. They are able to trim and cut through tough grass, enhancing the beauty of your yard. However, they put in long work hours, yet their productivity may decrease as they age.

A lawnmower on a lawn - How Can You Tell How Old it Is?

How Can You Spot it if it’s Old?

Your lawnmower’s date of manufacture can often be deduced from its serial number. You can find out how old your mower is by looking for a serial number. The date printed within the mower’s owner’s manual is another good indicator of when the manual was written.

It’s recommended that this be done a full year after the mower was produced. However, the date your mower was produced is recorded in its serial number.


Signs a Lawnmower is Old


Knocking sounds

Most of the time, knocking in the engine results from a bent crankshaft or a broken rod. This can happen after many years of use. This is a terribly expensive lawn mower repair, and most of the time, you’re better off looking for a new mower.

One of the main causes of this is running the machine out of oil. So make sure you’re always checking your oil level.


Vibrating Engine

Your machine has a problem when the engine starts to vibrate so much that it feels like it might fall straight off. This is yet another indication that the crankshaft or one of the rods is fractured or deformed.


Exhaust Smoke

It may be a blown head gasket, which is normally not too expensive to replace, or it may be the result of worn rings, which cause your engine to use too much gas and clog its cylinder.

The rings may be worn out, or the problem may be the result of debris entering the cylinder due to a dirty air filter. Nevertheless, if the scoring is too severe, you may need a new engine and should start shopping for a new lawn mower.


For how long does a lawnmower usually last?

With proper maintenance and care, the majority of lawn mowers have a lifespan of ten years or more.

You should expect your lawn mower to endure between four and five years even if you do not take proper care of it. If you treat your lawn mower roughly, you might only get two years out of it.


What are the Common Flaws of Old Lawnmowers?

These problems are a sign that your lawnmower is slowly failing, and it hasn’t got that much life left. When it becomes more of a hassle to repair or buy new parts to keep the lawnmower running, it may be time to look for a new one.


Trouble starting

Old lawnmowers could have problems starting, which is problematic and frustrating to anyone who just wants to mow their lawn and get back to their day.


Faulty plug

The malfunction of the lawnmower’s spark plug is the most typical reason why it will not start due to its age and multiple uses.


Dirty Air Filter

It’s possible that an old lawnmower’s air filter could become clogged with debris, which would be yet another issue caused by the machine’s age.


When Should You Buy a New one?

According to the manufacturer, the average lifespan of a domestic heavy-duty riding mower is between five and eight years.

The very most expected of a mower of commercial quality is for it to last for four years. As you approach closer to those marks, you should consider the idea of replacing your mower more seriously.


Final Thoughts on Telling how Old a Lawnmower Is

Depending on how old a mower is, its parts may stop working as well as they once did. When shopping for a used lawnmower, it’s helpful to know how old it is.

Or you could try to unload yours. A rough estimate of your mower’s age will also help you determine if replacement parts are still being made for it.

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