Hollyhock In Texas

Last Updated on June 16th, 2023

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Hollyhocks are beautiful tall-standing plants that produce flowers ranging in color from red to pink, to purple and even white. These biennials are known to be related to the Hibiscus flower and are perfect for adding some romantic color schemes to your garden.

Let’s discuss everything you’ll need to know about planting Hollyhocks in Texas. Including if they can survive, how to care for them, where to plant them in your garden, and more! 

Hollyhock tree with flower - Hollyhock In Texas

Can you plant Hollyhock in Texas?

Yes, you can plant Hollyhock in Texas. However, the most important thing to consider before doing this is that one species of Hollyhock native to North America is indeed not native to Texas.

However, the real question is, will these plants be able to survive through the extreme heat that Texas has to offer?


Can Hollyhock Survive in Texas?

If Hollyhocks are planted within a suitable space and tended to with the utmost care of those who do not forget to water plants – these are likely to survive. 

However, it’s important to note that these plants can be attacked by a fungus called Puccinia Malvacearum, otherwise known as ‘hollyhock rust.’

As for the larger, more populated areas of Texas, such as Austin or Dallas – Hollyhocks are considered very tolerant of polluted sites. Some say they are even likely to flourish within these central city environments.


How should you pick a spot for Planting a Hollyhock in Texas?

Hollyhocks are best planted within garden beds and pots, where they can receive full sunlight. The plant prefers full sun yet still moist environments in order to thrive. In addition, hollyhocks can be planted in pots, baskets, and other containers. 

Due to their relatively weak stems, a location that provides safety from high winds is also ideal. Find a place that can also handle the height of the hollyhock, for they can grow up to 4-6 feet tall. Plant with other low-growing perennial flowers if possible.


How Much Should You Water Hollyhock in Texas?

The hollyhock prefers moist environments in order to thrive. Water younger Hollyhocks every day after the plant has had the chance to mature more – water enough to keep the soil moist consistently. 

In Texas, there are bound to be heat waves. In the instance of a heatwave, ensure to offer your Hollyhocks a few extra waterings to ensure they will not dry out completely.


When is the Best time to Plant Hollyhock in Texas?

It’s best to begin planting Hollyhocks from the ground up in the late summer. Then, in the fall, before a freeze, or in the spring, after temperatures rise again, be sure to find a more permanent home for these plants.

Hollyhocks are not plants that like to be moved around continuously. It’s also important to note that while Hollyhocks are tolerant to cold temperatures, they will not survive early frost. Too much humidity will result in the plant becoming diseased (hollyhock rust).


Final Thoughts on Planting a Hollyhock in Texas

You can indeed plant Hollyhocks in Texas; if they are cared for correctly, they will survive. However, hollyhocks need a permanent home full of sunshine and medium-moderate amounts of moisture.

Water them daily until they’ve matured, then constantly water them to keep the dirt surrounding them moist. The best time to begin Hollyhocks is in the late summer. Then, once they’ve developed, move them to a more permanent location.


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