Circle Compost vs. Bennett Compost

Last Updated on June 16th, 2023

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In today’s communities in the United States, landfills are filled with thirty to forty percent of food scraps that could have been used for composting purposes.

Instead, these decomposing foods release vast amounts of methane, an eighty times more harmful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere.

As neighborhoods and larger community systems become privy to this knowledge, a demand has been created for composting solutions to prevent this sort of process from damaging our atmosphere.

Circle Compost and Bennett Compost are two fine establishments within the Philadelphia area that offer homeowners and apartment-living folk a service to take those methane-creating scraps off your hands.

Newly grown small plans on compost - Circle Compost vs. Bennett Compost.

What are the Differences?

Tim Bennett was living in a south Philly apartment in 2009 when the inspiration to compost hit him, and the Bennett Compost company was founded.

Since then, the Bennett Compost team has had weekly pick-ups from thousands of homes and businesses, processing over seventy tons of materials out of landfill every month.

Circle Compost was established in 2016 when a driven group of women got together with the desire to prevent these food scraps and other organic materials from filling up landfills.

Today they have a service area covering most of the Philadelphia metro area, including most of Fishtown, University City, and all of south Philly.


What are the Similarities?

Both of these companies are united in the effort to reduce the number of organic materials that end up in landfills and are located in the urban Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania.

Both offer services that will take away these compostable items weekly, making it a very convenient option for businesses like daycares or school cafeterias.

Each will have a compensatory system that offers soil back to the community members to grow food but also offers soil for sale to the public at large, businesses, and municipalities needs.

In addition, both have an easy-to-use website, which you can visit with a simple search.


Pros and Cons: Circle Compost vs. Bennett Compost

One of the pros when going with the Circle Compost service will be the holiday clean-up options, including pumpkin and Christmas tree recycling.

The con will be that there will be limited services within the city, albeit there will be other businesses operating in those areas.

Bennett Compost has a wonderful section on its website that will educate the casual interests of those curious enough to learn about composting processes and the industry as a whole.

The cons are going to be the small size of the company, which can lead to some pick-up issues on occasion, though the company is still growing.


Which one is More Common?

This will be an interesting competition between these two companies; both have a solid presence on search engines. The marketing teams of both businesses have done their homework.

That being said, Bennett Compost comes up first in more searches than Circle Compost, which might be the straw to break the tie.

Each has a service plan that allows folk in households, apartment complexes, businesses, and where there are organic materials that need to be picked up.

In Circle Composts’ case, they do have more reviews overall when it comes to the search engine Google, to which Bennett Compost is behind one hundred.


Which one is More Efficient?

Regarding efficiency, both of these services will come down to weekly and bi-weekly pick-up options. With the Circle Compost crew, you can pay around twelve dollars a month for bi-weekly pick-up or eighteen dollars for the weekly service.

Bennett Compost will be more of an individual’s pricing scale, preferring to have customers reach out to them for a personalized quote.

The process includes a bucket, and each week is a scheduled pick-up day which will require the bucket to be out the evening before to guarantee a fresh bucket in the morning.


Final Thoughts on Circle Compost vs. Bennett Compost 

Both companies offer a vast list of usable composting items, including tree and plant trimmings, bags of autumn leaves, and much-needed food scraps pick-up services.

Bennett Compost will cover all of Philly, along with surrounding areas, and will be a nice option for those looking for a consistent weekly service at a customized price.

Circle Compost is a growing company that offers simple price plans to fit an array of different budget restrictions and limitations. Similar to Bennett’s process, there will be a five-gallon bucket for smaller units and other customizable options for businesses.

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