Best Plant Hedges In Texas – Which Hedges Will Thrive in Texas’ Heat

Last Updated on June 16th, 2023

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You’ve decided to steer away from fencing for privacy on your residential Texas property, and now you are stuck with deciding which hedges will work best for you. What are the best hedges? Why? How do I know which ones will be the best options for me? 

Let’s get right into answering all your questions!

Crape Myrtle tree brand with flower - Best Plant Hedges In Texas - Which Hedges Will Thrive in Texas' Heat

What Are The Best Plants for Hedges in Texas?

While there are many hedge plants on the market, there are only a few very specific ones that are the best for a residential property in Texas. While surely there are many other great candidates to fit the job, we hand-picked a few excellent choices to evaluate for you. 

All of the hedges listed below are special in their own way and add value to any property in which they are grounded. 

  • Italian Cypress
  • Wax Myrtle 
  • Forsythia


Why Are Those the Best Plants for Hedges in Texas?

In Texas, the bigger, the better, right? So let’s talk about why these three options are perfect for those searching for the perfect hedge. 

Beginning with the Italian Cypress. This hedge is considered to be great for those who are in search of a hedge that grows rather quickly. The Italian Cypress grows around 3 feet a year, and while they are known to grow tall, they also remain slim. 

The lean shape of the Italian Cypress makes it perfect for those who have tight spaces they might want to fill. 

In addition, they can be lined up around the property to create a visual barrier and block out any unwanted wind in the area, leaving you with the perfect yard to relax all year long.

Next, the Wax Myrtle! These hedges are great for privacy due to their size, growing as tall as 20 feet! However, you already know that’s not the only reason this hedge is a great choice. 

The Wax Myrtle is known for its beautiful aroma that some relate to bayberry candles, which is also another name for the hedge (southern bayberry, bayberry tree, tallow shrub, or candle berry). 

The native plant (North and Central America) is also known to be used for candle-making and medicinal purposes by increasing and stimulating circulation and perspiration. 

Last but most certainly not least, Forsythia. These hedge options may. Not offering a ton of privacy, only growing as tall as 12 feet, but they do offer a beautiful color splash of yellow to your property; instead of drowning the area with green! 

In addition, it is known to grow fast and tolerate the hot and often drought Texas climate conditions. 


How To Choose Which Hedge Plant is the Best For Your Texan Home?

The best way to choose which hedge plant is best for you is to first identify what you want most from it. Is it privacy? Maybe shade? Or is it just for landscaping purposes and nothing more? 

Knowing what you want from the hedge is the most important tool to utilize when choosing what is right for you.


What Are The Best Plants for Hedges in Texas for Privacy?

Other than the Wax Myrtle, there are so many other choices when in search of a hedge for privacy. Just driving around your local area, you may see all kinds of hedges that offer privacy, and you may even see some popular ones that reoccur. 

Listed below is a wide variety of hedges specifically for privacy that also thrive in the state of Texas. 

  • Holly
  • Carolina Cherry
  • Crape Myrtle
  • Magnolia
  • Elaeagnus 


What Are The Fastest Growing Plants in Texas?

Sure, the huge bushy beautiful hedges are a must-have – but you might have a peeping tom problem or even just a privacy-invading neighbor. Whatever the reason, you need a hedge for privacy, and you need it now. 

Listed below are some hedge plants known for their rapid growth rate in the state of Texas and some other plants to consider for your next landscaping project.

  • Wax Leaf Ligustrum 
  • Cryptomeria Radicans
  • Wisteria
  • Rangoon Creeper
  • Lacy Oak
  • Texas Gold Columbine


Final Thoughts on Growing Hedges In Texas

A few of the best, most popular hedges for a property in Texas would be Italian Cypress, Wax Myrtle, and Forsythia. 

Not only are these all good at offering their own unique amount of privacy, but they are all very versatile options that hold many of their own unique properties and value. 

When choosing a hedge, you have to decide what you want most out of it. Is it privacy? Is it extra shade for your property? A few more good plants that can be utilized for hedge-like privacy in Texas include Magnolia, Holly, and Elaeagnus. 

If you’re looking for other fast-growing plants to use for landscaping on your Texas property, look out for Wisteria, Wax Leaf Ligustrum, and Texas Gold Columbine. 


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